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OCT Art & Design Gallery Annual Public Program | The Practice of Everyday Life

2021.04.15 (Thursday) closed

OCT Art & Design Gallery Annual Public Program
Participating Series

The Practice of Everyday Life


Duration: April – July, 2021

Venue: OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China

Sponsor: Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality

Organizer: OCT Art & Design Gallery

Curators: Chen Hang  Wen Qi

Project Assistants: Yang Tian  Cai Yingtong  Zhang Chaoyu


The Practice of Everyday Life is inspired by the creative tactics what was proposed by Michel de Certeau. This participatory project attempts to bring the issues into a focus of leveraging different practical techniques to redesign lifestyles and employ exploratory measures to define the strength of space, environment, social system and everything in daily life.

Incorporated into more complex networks and structures, design not only deals with specific questions related to professions and industries but gradually represents broader and more holistic implications. Design, already incorporated into more complex networks and structures, aims not only to discuss and solve specific issues related to professions and industries, but also a more holistic vantage point. The blueprint of social design, which conveys profound meaning, provides a practical tool to solve problems in a sound way. Delving into the blueprints offered by the social design practice, one can find out that it provides beyond the practical, rational instrumentality and that it emphasizes more on the construction of a non-representational side, by designing a self-sustaining mechanism within the realm of one’s everyday life.

More importantly, it emphasizes the building of a logical and self-consistent mechanism for understanding cause and effect in the field of everyday life, thus trying to create non-representational meaning. Therefore, this project is an attempt at ‘prototype designing’.

Constantly generating opportunities, social design shows its vitality and hope. We now need to shift from the old-fashioned strategies to the new ‘epidermal’ design. Social design stresses connection and coordination featuring mass innovation and self-response. The Practice of Everyday Life is expected to expand and deepen public engagement, restore life resilience, and attempt to provide references and guidance to groups and organizations that are contributing or want to contribute to the solutions to social problems. Only through collaborative tactics can we achieve harmonious symbiosis.

*The project stems from the 2020 OCT Art & Design Gallery’s annual grogram: D-TALK #15: In the Name of Savoir Vivre. In the 4th session, titled “Social Design and Biospheric Symbiosis”, we pointed out the accelerating shift from biosphere to a techno-sphere and discussed various topics such as community building, designing with care, space/network design and creative social design. The Practice of Everyday Life, with a focus on problems and reflections inspired by the discussion, will launch a series of social art and design action in the public context.