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The Practice of Everyday Life | Community Building/Experience Sharing

2021.05.16 (Sunday) closed

OCT Art & Design Gallery Annual Public Program
Participating Series: The Practice of Everyday Life

Social Practice: 04 Community Building/ Experience Sharing

Keyword: Building

> Time:May 16, 2021 (Sunday) 14:00-16:30 

> Activity: Workshop

> Guests: Big Fish Community Design Center (Social Innovative Group)


About The Practice of Everyday Life

The project stems from the 2020 OCT Art & Design Gallery’s annual grogram: D-TALK #15: In the Name of Savoir Vivre. In the 4th session, titled “Social Design and Biospheric Symbiosis”, we pointed out the accelerating shift from biosphere to a techno-sphere and discussed various topics such as community building, designing with care, space/network design and creative social design. The Practice of Everyday Life, with a focus on problems and reflections inspired by the discussion, will launch a series of social art and design action in the public context.